My name is Ian Andrew Hackett Raines, and my specialty lies within infusing websites with creativity, functionality, and aesthetics. I have nearly a decade of experience in web design, passionately and effectively bringing ideas to life for businesses, startups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs alike.

Becoming a web designer certainly didn’t happen overnight. My professional career has been shaped by many experiences and opportunities, and these have taught me invaluable lessons about succeeding in today’s creative world.

One such experience comes from my passion for music. In my younger years, I played bass guitar in a rock band, traveling on tours across the country. This immersion in music, culture, and excitement shaped me, and in many ways, it changed me.

I learned that chance encounters could create meaningful and long-lasting connections. I discovered how dedication and drive contribute to success. I realized that I can speak comfortably and warmly with people from all backgrounds and that new experiences are vital to growth.

Life on the road was exciting, but upon returning to California, I was ready for stability. Although I wasn’t yet officially trained in building and designing websites, my experience designing websites for local startups showed that I had a knack for understanding the intricacies of programming and design.

Web design sparked a passion, and I pursued that through earning a Web Design Intensive Certificate from the College of Extended Learning in San Francisco, CA.

Over the next few years, I had the pleasure of creating dynamic websites for national recording artists, entrepreneurs, and local businesses alongside design professionals at two Oakland-based agencies, Studio 678 and HyperArts.

Today, I work as a freelance web designer, which gives me the innate joy of partnering with clients from across the country.

As a freelance designer, my work comes with the inherent knowledge that a functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing website is at the core of any successful venture. More than ever, websites determine how people shop, eat, vacation, travel, communicate, learn, spend money, and record their experiences.

Successful websites should be compatible on mobile and desktop platforms. They should invite users to stay, explore, and learn. Web design facilitates this direct channel to your audience. In fact, for me, the process is very much like crafting a story.

Each company, entrepreneur, startup, or individual has a story to tell through text, colors, font, layout, and images. This narrative speaks directly to an audience, stirring something inside them, whether it be interest, purchasing, enrollment, or a new passion.

Whether your website needs to be refreshed, reinvigorated, or built from the ground up, you can rest assured that partnering with me will produce an efficient, attractive, and productive website. Let’s translate your ideas, values, services, and products to an online platform, and create a website that not only works for you but also one that speaks for you.

Let’s collaborate, partner, and create dynamic websites together.